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Before you apply for a grant from The Brown Foundation, read through our guidelines to ensure that your organization meets our requirements.


To be eligible for a grant from The Brown Foundation, Inc. your organization must be a tax-exempt charitable organization, as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Foundation reviews requests for general operating funds; program support; and capital campaigns/projects. For capital requests, additional documentation is required.


The Foundation considers submissions from a broad range of organizations. Organizations have the ability to self-select a program area in our application system. Please select the one you feel best represents your organization’s mission and work.


The Foundation primarily makes grants in Houston and the surrounding areas. As a family-directed foundation, we selectively make grants across Texas and in other parts of the country. We rarely approve unsolicited applications from beyond the greater Houston area.

The Foundation does not make grants to:

  • Individuals
  • Individual scholarship funds
  • Endowments or endowment campaigns
  • Debt retirement or to cover past operating deficits
  • Any type of fundraising and/or marketing event
  • Any type of activity intended to support candidates for political office or influence legislation
  • Religious or doctrinal purposes, although faith-based organizations may apply for support for educational or social service programs

All applicants will be required to provide the following information when submitting their application:

  • Mission statement; narrative description of organizational strategy and outcomes
  • Narrative description of grant purpose
  • Operating budget; sources of revenue; other sources of contributed revenue
  • Information about your governing Board and contributions made by Board members
  • Tax ID number
  • Most recent audited financial statements

Prior to a grant decision, prospective grantees may also be asked to submit supplemental data and/or responses to inquiries from the Foundation. The Foundation team also may request follow-up conversations, site visits, or other opportunities to understand your organization, its mission, and its impact more thoroughly.