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Does the Brown Foundation support organizations outside of Houston? Outside of Texas?

The Brown Foundation focuses primarily on the greater Houston area. Unsolicited requests from beyond greater Houston are rarely approved.

What kinds of grant requests are considered?

The Brown Foundation will consider most types of funding requests (general operating; program; and capital). We do not accept requests for endowments, endowment campaigns, or debt retirement. We do not accept requests for any type of event sponsorships, galas, or similar.

What is an appropriate request amount?

Yes. All organizations must complete all stages of the application process.Many factors influence the size of grant awards, including the scale of the organization and its budget; the age and maturity of the organization; prior relationship with the organization; program area; and more. To identify an appropriate request level, we recommend that you review our Annual Report for data on our past grants.


How often may an organization apply?

Organizations may not apply more than once per year. For organizations that have received a previous grant, a report of outcomes and expenditures must be submitted before a new grant may be awarded.

Do you accept meetings with new prospective grantees?

Occasionally. For new organizations, we recommend that you begin by submitting your pre-application. After reviewing your pre-application, we will determine if we would like to arrange a meeting to learn more.

Do I have to complete the pre-application even if I am an existing grantee?

Yes. All organizations must complete all stages of the application process.

Can you download and/or print the pre-application and application?

Yes. You may choose to download a Word document to draft your responses, and then copy into the online form when ready to submit. After you submit, the system will send you a PDF version of your responses which you may save or print as desired.

How long after I submit the pre-application will I get a decision?

If you apply during the specified cycle times, you should receive a decision approximately 30 days after the close date for the pre-application window. For example, if you apply by July 31, you should expect a decision by the end of August.

Can I upload a video, brochure, or weblink as part of my application?

In the pre-application, you have the option to upload one link. However, this is optional, and organizations that choose not to will still receive the same consideration.


Is a login required?

A login is NOT required to complete a pre-application. If you are invited to submit a full application, you will need to create a login and password.

What browsers work best for the pre-application and application?

Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not recommended.


Is there a feedback section if our proposal is declined?

Most proposals are declined simply due to lack of alignment with our priorities or core geography. Due to the volume of applications received, we cannot offer individual feedback. If we have specific feedback to offer that might help your organization in the future, we commit to sharing that with you proactively.

If my organization has been declined, may I reapply?

Yes, although you must wait one year before re-applying.